All you need to know about cell phone plans

Wireless carriers big and small have planned it for all the buyers. Now it is up to the buyers, how he can choose the best cell phone plan from the approximately 200 plans available.

The way the carriers advertise, ‘cell phone plans with unlimited data’, seems very tempting especially when you are not happy with your current carrier. But at the end of the day, that is not really fully true. Unlimited mobile data does not mean you can use it endlessly. Like all good things, unfortunately, unlimited data too, comes to an end when it reaches its cap.

Carriers have categorized the plans in different categories by giving some fancy names. These are:

  • Individual plans
  • Family plans
  • International roaming plans

These plans offer something for everyone. But if you are willing to compromise on data, then there are alternative carriers that offer cheap cell phone plans too.

Here are some of the best cell phone plans for every category:

Individual plans

T-Mobile’s plan of USD 40 per month is considered as one of the best. This includes mobile data plans of 30 GB 4G LTE, unlimited talking, texting, music, tethering at 3G speeds, unlimited video streaming along with free-in flight texting!

Family plans

Family plans are mostly money-saving plans. Cricket Wireless gives the cheapest family plan. The buyer has to pay USD100 per month for five lines. The plan works like this – the first or the initial line is USD 40 per month and the consequent lines are discounted at USD10, USD 20, USD 30, and USD 40 respectively making it a total of USD 100 per month. Each line gets 3 GB data, with unlimited texting, and voice calls.

International Traveler’s plans

International travelers too can get best cell phone plans from all carriers. Profit Fi, a Google subsidiary by piggybacking on T-Mobile, Sprint, and other US cellular networks has cheap cell phone plans for as low as USD 30 a month, which includes 1GB 4G data, unlimited texting, and voice calls in 135 countries.

In a bid to get the best cell phone plan, weigh your plans and usage, determine what your priority is. All carriers have cell phone plans with unlimited data. You have to just choose the right plan that works best for you.

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