Three ways of freezing corn

Blanching is a process in which a vegetable or fruit is scalded in boiling hot salt water, after which it is immersed in an ice cold bath to stop the cooking process. Blanching is done to mainly stop the enzymes from causing loss of flavor, texture or color of the said fruit or vegetable. Corn can b...


Volvo XC90, SUV redefined

SUV's are a common sight these days. More and more buyers prefer SUVs to accommodate large families since these vehicles are more spacious. But is an SUV a mere family car? The Volvo XC90 has redefined the traditional SUV to make it a luxury one. The Volvo XC90 is much more than an SUV. It boasts a...


How to select the right home heating system

In most parts of the country, a considerable amount of money is spent on space heating systems. According to a study by Energy Department, it accounts for 45% of total energy bills in an average U.S home. The nature of heating system can have a large impact on the overall energy costs and on comfort...


Benefits of the apple cider vinegar diet for weight loss

One of the most common questions is whether drinking apple cider vinegar is a deterrent and effective method to lose weight. The answer to that question is yes. Apple cider vinegar has long been thought to be better when it comes to keeping the weight reduced and as it turns out, there are two impor...

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